Part of being a valuable IT Partner is to provide IT resources when they are needed. Here at Venture Pointe, we wish to share our expertise with you so that you continue to see how much value we can bring to your business and that we truly value our partnership.

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Comparing Venture Pointe with Other IT Providers

Choosing the right IT management provider for your business is essential to your success, and we know that you must see the value in the services provided. We welcome you to compare our services to your current IT provider and offer this easy-to-use downloadable checklist.

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Does Your Current IT Provider Meet These 10 Criteria?

Who will be your day-to-day contact?

Most providers will not assign specific contact people and information. Their preference is to rotate their clients’ requests through their call center for support. At Venture Pointe, we do assign specific support staff to each account, thus providing for a deeper, more evolved understanding of your environment and company needs.

Where are you located?

Venture Pointe is located in Jacksonville, in the same offices that we established in 2012. In addition, we utilize a local tier III data center as well as a disaster recovery center in Dallas, Texas. Please give us a call or stop by for a cup of coffee and a conversation about how we can best serve your needs.

Do we have to pay you every time we call and do we have to use only the equipment you provide?

No. Venture Pointe provides several layers of partnership plans, including those with unlimited support hours. While we do build our own technology devices, we have no preference as to which ones you prefer to use, or where they are purchased. That’s totally your choice. We never dictate what brand of equipment you can use.

Are you insured?

Yes! Venture Pointe, Inc. is a fully-registered business entity. We maintain all of the insurance coverage that you would expect from your IT partner for liability, workman’s comp and data storage safety.

Do you outsource any part of your infrastructure to other IT service providers?

No! Absolutely not. At Venture Pointe, we provide all services in-house, thus building and maintaining our own reputation, without risking our clients’ well-being with outside sources.

Can we speak with several of your references?

Of course! Please do! Our greatest advocates are our clients. In fact, we’re proud to say that the greatest portion of our business growth has been through client referrals.

Does your current provider manage their own cloud?

We do! At Venture Pointe, we build, maintain and continually develop our own cloud environments, secure data tools and infrastructure monitoring.

Can we see your contracts?

Sure. Venture Pointe wants to be your partner, so we will NOT surprise you with any hidden fees. We encourage you to ask and review any of our agreements as part of your decision making process.

What percentage of your clients stay with you each year?

Almost all of them. At Venture Pointe, we strive to grow with you, as we become an integral part of your organization, and continue to grow together. To date, the only client we have ever lost was a result of their being purchased by another entity.

When was the last time your technology provider called you first?

Here at Venture Pointe, we like to talk with our customers. Our preference is to speak with you on a regular basis, thus ensuring we are up to speed on your plans and evolving needs.

Check back often for more IT resources from Venture Pointe!